The Yadava Kalvi Nidhi was established by a few leading service minded Yadava Community people in the year 1962. The aim of the fund was to award scholarship and supply books to the deserving Yadava students. Soon the importance of higher education for the socially and educationally backward Yadava Community people was felt which led to the establishment of the Yadava College in the year 1969. The management constituted by the elected members of the general body since 1971 administers the college.


To impart futuristic arts and science education of global standards to the youths of all sections of society and empowering them with scientific, humanistic and ethical outlook so to improve the quality of life of the human race.


To provide quality higher education and research facilities to the youths belonging to the underprivileged sections of the society cutting across barriers of caste, community and religion so as to mould them intellectually as sound, socially responsible and ethically strong citizens.


  • To increase the life opportunities of individuals and the productivity of organization.
  • To strengthen the development and employability of the students.
  • To contribute to the growth and economic development of the region.


  • To equip the students with updated subject knowledge in the programmes.
  • To bring out the innate talents of the students.
  • To instill confidence among the taught to take up different jobs.
  • To mould students as self employable through Job-oriented courses.
  • To develop the soft skills of the students through intensive training in communicative skills, leadership quality, personality development and character and capacity building.
  • To adapt the students and teachers to the changes in new subjects and topics with suitable trainings so as to enable them to face the competitions in the job market at home and abroad.
  • To concentrate on the over all development of individuals to shape them as good citizens.
  • The college provides priority to realize gender parity and empower men and women so as to enable them to face challenges in their lives.


Lord Krishna with flute in hand signifies that the College is established and administered by Yadava Community for whom Shri Krishna is the principal deity. Kuthuvilakku which symbolically stands for enlightenment dispels ignorance and enriches knowledge. Cow (Kamadhenu) connotes endowment of wealth, especially wealth of knowledge and wisdom. The open book in the emblem signifies the importance of formal education. Thus the college is the spring of knowledge and wisdom that enriches the downtrodden society. The tower in the middle of the emblem is reflective of the college that is a temple of knowledge. The motto written at the bottom – ARIVEA SELVAM – means Wisdom alone is Wealth.


Yadava College

Tiruppalai, Madurai-14, TamilNadu

College Office

6374054443, 7806966995, 0452-2681800.