The hostels are administered by the Warden (The Principal), the Deputy Warden and the Sub Wardens.
Now, There are 186 boys and 175 girls  residing in both the hostels.

The inmates are provided with the following facilities.

  • Purified water
  • Separate dining halls for boys and girls.
  • Modern cookware – steam cooking, steam sterilization
  • 2 media rooms
  • Store inside the ladies hostel
  • Separate indoor games for boys and girls
  • Carrom, TT, Shuttle, Chess
  • Monthly medical checkups are done for both boys and girls by Dr.Meenakshi Sundaram and Dr. V. Sikappy
  • Separate Watchmen
  • Visitors card
  • Telephone
  • Coin Box
  • Mess-vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
  • Newspaper for all rooms
  • Periodic Yoga and Meditation by Brahmakumaris
  • Computer course during evening hours
  • Library facility till 7.30 p.m.
  • Internet facility
  • Health check up
  • Special coaching in communicative English

Deputy Warden – Boys Hostel  Prof. G. Rajkumar                9488055256.

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Deputy Warden – Girls Hostel  Dr. S. Archana @ Surya     9942382007